Fitness Equipment

Tuesday, January 10, 2023

John Brunner from The Fitness Store made his debut on “Welcome Home” this week with Brandon. John gave a little history on his business that began back in 1993. The Fitness Store, currently located on the corner of Dewey Street and South 14th Street in Manitowoc, specializes in fitness equipment for all types of use both residential and commercial. John explains the difference in servicing and warranty when it comes to purchasing equipment from The Fitness Store compared to other “box stores” you might purchase from. Brandon and John talk about the importance of creating a space (preferably before you build) that incorporates what you need when it comes to working out. Consider dimensions of the room, ventilation, outlets, TV location, windows and even lighting. All of these work together to invite working out to be as enjoyable and repetitive as possible. The Fitness Store carries a wide variety of equipment such as 27 different exercise bikes, dual action bikes, recumbent bikes, elliptical machines, rowers, vertical climbers, seated steppers not to mention a vast array of weight training equipment. Stop in to visit John at The Fitness Store and see what he can offer you!