Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Who is Bartow Builders?

Building a Tradition of Quality & Honesty that goes Beyond Measure – Bartow Builders takes pride in uniquely individualizing each project to you and your vision for your home!

Brandon Bartow


Brandon started Bartow Builders in 1999 with the drive for owning his own construction business to provide the level of quality that he prides himself on still today.

“We are blessed with many talented, dedicated employees who put their heart and soul into each project that we perform. Having not only great employees but an outstanding team of Trade Partners, gives us the edge when producing the project.” – Brandon

Jacque Bartow

Vice President

Jacque recently left the teaching profession to join forces with her husband Brandon. Taking care of Advertising and Marketing are her main focuses along with crafting videos and pictures to share on social media.

“Being a silent partner for so many years, I’m ready to take a more active role in our family business”.

Lindsey Krause

Operations MANAGER

There is a lot that goes on behind the scenes at Bartow Builders, but Lindsey keeps everything running smoothly.  From your project financials, to team development and performance management, and overseeing the management team to ensure Bartow Builders is holding the highest standard of management and organization of your project – Lindsey holds everyone accountable while leading the strategic operations of the business.

“I love my Bartow Builders family! When I joined the team in 2018, I was drawn to the atmosphere of transparency & honesty that Brandon creates. Coupled with a passion for our community, a dedication to our customers, and the pure craftsmanship of our carpenters & trade partners, it’s a team that’s truly amazing to be a part of.” – Lindsey

Craig Fischer

Sales & Project Manager

As a Sales and Project Manager, Craig may be your contact from start to finish of your project. He provides great communication to you and our trade partners every step of the way to ensure your project is estimated accurately, scheduled efficiently, and the construction runs smoothly.

“I enjoy being able to assist the home owners in managing their projects so that it can be an enjoyable experience and a seamless process.” – Craig

Bob Vieracker

Architectural designer

As our in-house designer, Bob will draft and edit the phases of your project. Bob brings knowledge and experience to the team at Bartow Builders.

When asked what Bob loves most about working at Bartow Builders, he says…”Working with friendly, helpful employees who care about the success of the company.” 

Bob enjoys sports, architecture, home design, history, good restaurants, travel, and books!

Jodi Schramm

project coordinator

More information coming soon!

Don Orth

Project Support

Don brings an expertise in building materials, an understanding of building code, and an all-around construction knowledge that supports our entire management team!

“Working at Bartow Builders allows me to do different jobs each day. Every day there are challenges that need to be solved. There is a great working atmosphere both in the office and on the job sites.” – Don



“I love the diversity of projects we do: everything from remodeling to new construction. I enjoy the family environment we have amongst our team. As a foreman I respect the trust and leadership given to me by Brandon to make sure our customers are getting the best experience from start to finish.”



“We love what we do and we do what we love, each and every day, which makes us a great team of talented people.”



“Couple of reasons I enjoy working at Bartow Builders are: I like being able to turn people’s houses into homes and it is always a constantly changing work environment. I’d consider everyone here like family.”





“Working for Bartow Builders is very enjoyable because you never do the same job. Every job then becomes an enjoyable, challenging experience. In addition to that, all of the employees work well together and everyone treats each other like family; as Brandon does the same: family first, then work.”



 “I enjoy the variety of different jobs we do and the employees work well together.”



“I love working for a company that is so caring and amazing. Every day is a new adventure and I couldn’t ask for a better group of people to work with.”



“Coming to work everyday, I learn something new. My team keeps me on my toes.”



“Working at Bartow Builders is enjoyable because you always have the opportunity to learn new things in the trade and grow in the company. The people at Bartow are easy to get along with and work together as a team to get your tasks done day in and out.”



“Bartow Builders and the people who work here have become family throughout the years. Each individual is personable and extremely talented in their own way. The culture that Brandon has created at Bartow Builders is unmatched and it is a pleasure to be a part of.”



Jake loves that Bartow Builders is a “Family Oriented” business that puts the needs of the staff first and foremost. He loves to hunt, fish, and do anything outdoors.



Tyler just loves the work “itself and being on different jobs”. He spends his free time tinkering around in his garage, woodworking and snowmobiling!



Christoph loves “seeing customers’ faces light up when their project is finished.”  Christoph enjoys coaching his son’s basketball team in his time away from work.


Registered Apprentice

Brennan appreciates the work atmosphere at Bartow Builders and “everything Brandon does for us.” Brennan loves to spend time with friends and family outside of the work day.


Registered Apprentice

Jacob enjoys working at a company that is family oriented stating that “everyone enjoys working together”. Jacob likes to hunt and fish in his spare time.


Production support

“I am excited to start my new career with Bartow Builders after 35 years of teaching. I enjoy every day of work.”


youth Apprentice

Max appreciates working for a company that values quality. He said, “The crew is very fun to work with”. Max enjoys hunting, fishing, farming and spending time with family.


Youth Apprentice

Brendon loves how friendly and kind the people at Bartow Builders treat him. In his free time, he likes to try new things, play sports and spends time with friends.


Youth Apprentice
Architectural Design

Nina enjoys that sense of community at Bartow Builders and “how I can learn with colleagues that are willing to help me”. She loves to read and paint in her free time.

Proud Member of the Following Associations:

Proud Member of the Following Associations :