April 2021

Increase In Materials

Today, Brandon talks about building material pricing and how to help out customers with budgeting. He also breaks down a list of different materials with the percentage of increase in the new year.

Windows At Any Time

All About Your Home featured Brian from Ellerman Glass today. Brian and Brandon talked all about storm glass, and shower doors. Did you know that Ellerman is able to put in windows at any time of year?

Admired Styles

Joining us today is Rachel from Precision Floor & Décor, her and Brandon discussed the up and coming trends of 2021. Listen in to pick up on the color trends that you should incorporate into your next project.

Air Fryer Ranges

Bitter Neumann joined in today to talk about some common questions that people may have. Listen to this show to find out if there are special types of refrigerators for unheated garages. You will also hear them talking about the new features on some ranges that have the ability to air fry.

Trendy Cabinets

Brandon was joined by Ryan from Schwallers Painting and Staining today to discuss cabinet painting. The two discuss the up and coming cabinet trends, as well as the services that Schwallers offers.

Home Appraisals

In today’s episode, Julie from UnitedOne Credit Union and an independent appraiser joined us. The two talk all about the appraisal process, as well as what can affect the value of your home.