Ready for Outdoor Fitness?

Tuesday, March 14

John Brunner from The Fitness Store in Manitowoc talks with Brandon and Lindsey about getting ready for outdoor fitness. John explains that there are numerous ways one can get ready for when Mother Nature begins to warm up. One way is to invest in a Bicycle Trainer. Bike Trainers allow one to gradually ease into getting back into riding form so it is easier to transition to riding outside. Simply put, the back tire is lifted onto a resister that allows you to use your own bike that you would normally ride outdoors, to bring it inside to adjust to riding posture. John also talks about the different styles of bikes his showroom on Dewey Street in Manitowoc provides including Hybrids or Comfort Bikes that are more for leisure fitness. With different styles of bikes comes endless ordering options in the Jamis Bike Brand that also offers several types and levels of “E” Bikes or electric bikes. Brunner cautions though that you must be cautious when purchasing “E” bikes due to the potential danger of the battery. John encourages customers to stop down to his showroom that targets recreational cyclists. There, you are able to get a better feel for what he has in store. Purchasing a bike with The Fitness Store, comes with the satisfaction of knowing that John stands behind his warranty. The Fitness Store also supplies many different accessories you many need for your bike including water bottle cages, computers, GPS trackers, LED and halogen lighting for safety as well as bag, travel and transportation options. Come visit John Brunner at The Fitness Store-1410 Dewey Street, Manitowoc.

Welcome Home with John Brunner from The Fitness Store