Readying Your Air Conditioner Units

Tuesday, March 21

Kory from Smokey Barbier Heating informs listeners of the importance of taking care of your air conditioning units. There are several ways you can help maintain your unit on your own, but ultimately, it is best to call a professional for when service is needed. Make sure you begin by being proactive and call now to get on the schedule for a yearly maintenance check. Calling now will ensure that your unit will be efficiently working by the time the warmer weather shows up. There are many things you can do on your own to provide regular maintenance such as changing your furnace filter regularly, investing in a Smart or Digital Thermostat, making sure your unit is free of debris to allow optimum air flow into the unit and to use a garden hose to gently wash (top to bottom) off anything that would be inhibiting air flow into the unit. Kory also explains that although Whole Home Dehumidifiers work to pull moisture out of your home and therefore cooling it, he advises that a whole house air conditioning unit will do a better job of efficiently keeping humidity down. Kory states that the best time to check your unit is in 50 degree weather or better and to have the inside of your home set at 71-72 degrees to accurately understand how the air conditioner is functioning. Kory strongly advises for customers to call a professional when dealing with refrigerants as they have the calibrated tools, the licenses to work with refrigerants as working with chemicals can cause damage to your unit as well as yourself. Call Smokey Barbier Heating today to get on the schedule to have your air conditioning unit inspected!

Welcome Home with Kory from Smokey Barbier Heating