Septic Systems & How to Maintain

March 28, 2023

Sue from Madson Tiling & Excavating talks with Lindsey from Bartow Builders about the importance of maintaining your septic system. As Spring rolls around, Sue recommends walking around your system to look for cracks, breaks, chips or soil that has settled. Double check that the manhole covers are secured and locked with the proper chains. You are looking for anything that looks out of the ordinary from the previous Fall. If you are entertaining a larger group of people, your system will experience more flushing, more usage and you could encounter a blockage. Be sure to use your system properly by only flushing waste water or solid waste (not trash or food) due to causing bacteria to grow inside the system. Sue also recommends to call Madson Tiling & Excavating to have your filters cleaned. You can also call to schedule a sludge test to determine when the appropriate time is to empty the septic system. Sue warns that if your septic system alarm goes off, don’t wait to call. Silence the alarm, then call Madson Tiling & Excavating immediately so service can be scheduled. Trust the team at Madson Tiling & Excavating for your next project!