HVAC Professionals

Today on Welcome Home, Kory from Smokey Barbier joined us to talk about the importance of hiring a professional for your heating and cooling needs. Both Brandon and Kory address some concerns that they have regarding people doing the project themselves.

Contingency Offers

Kris from Century 21 Aspire Real Estate Group joined Brandon to discuss the local real estate market. They also talk about what should be in a contingency offer. And finally to wrap up the show, Brandon asks what is going on with appraisals.

How We Estimate

Brandon talked about the estimate process with Bartow Builders. He goes through our step by step procedure of how we take in new customers as well as how our pricing works. Finally Brandon talks about what comes after your estimate.

Inspection Reports

Today on All About Your Home, Brandon’s guest was Brian from Schnell Electric to talk about home inspection reports. Brian also introduces their company to the listeners because they are brand new guests! Brandon also asks Brian to talk about the old knob and tube wiring.