No Help from Mother Nature

February 28. 2023

Ryan and Tim from Lakeland Landscape talk to Brandon about the inconvenience of not having Mother Nature’s cooperation this winter as far as snow fall and coverage. As explained by Tim, snow cover acts as an insulator for perennial plants and grasses. Unfortunately this winter, Manitowoc saw an influx of adequate snow cover at the right times. We also saw a lot of snow melt and rain which is also not good for low-lying areas of your lawn or garden putting your plants in danger of freezing out in certain cases. Tim recommends Spring Thatching and fertilizing to get things moving in the right direction as soon as you can get a machine onto your lawn. Thatching will help get rid of dead grasses so the new can grow. This will also allow you to see damage that may have occurred during the winter so you can re-seed if necessary. It is also recommended to avoid “Mulching Volcanoes”. Adding an inch of new mulch around your trees to add new color is good, but when the mulch goes above the growth bump of a tree, that is not good and can be destructive to the tree. It is best if old mulch is dug out to keep the mulch from mounding over. Spring is also a good time to trim back ornamental shrubs and trees, but it’s not a good idea to trim evergreens. This should be done in late Fall along with trimming or thinning of deciduous trees. Listen to this podcast to hear more of what you need to do to prepare your lawn and plants for Spring!

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