November 2019

Credit Scores Debunked

Credit scores can be a point of stress for many! Julie from UnitedOne Credit Union is on this episode discussing ways to improve and manage your score. This is a great, quick listen to help anyone that is having trouble with their credit score or would like to improve it to make that home purchase!

Manitowoc’s Gem gets Updated!

The Capital Civic Centre is a gem in Downtown Manitowoc that has recently had some incredible updates. Jim from Check Electric is on this episode discussing the electrical updates. He also touches on some Christmas decoration safety that we all should be cognoscente of each year.

Appliances, Mattresses, & More!

Bitter Neumann in Manitowoc provides excellent customer service and quality products in their two local stores. Listen as they discuss holiday sales, new colors available, and the importance of measuring appliances during a remodel or new build.

Selections with Bartow Builders’

Picking out your selections may seem like a daunting process. However, we don’t let you do this alone! Listen as Lindsey, Bartow Builder’s Operations Manager, discusses our selections process and how we help you get through the process with less stress!

Local Real Estate Tips

The name of the game is BE PREPARED. Vicki from Aspire Real Estate discusses tips for sellers and buyers in the hot real estate market. There are so many different angles and moving parts in a real estate transaction. Make sure to go to an expert you can trust to help you navigate through.

Hydronic Heating & LP Tanks

Boiler heating is an efficient, consistent, comfortable heat for your home. Cory from Smokey Barbier discusses this type of heating and it’s pros. We also touch on LP Tanks and why to keep these properly filled.