Honesty & Your Budget

Being honest from the start with your project design and budget will help to steer the discussions around selections in the right direction. Chris from Drexel Building Supply is on this episode discussing the importance of that honesty from the start. It will save you time and make the process more enjoyable for you!

Credit Scores Debunked

Credit scores can be a point of stress for many! Julie from UnitedOne Credit Union is on this episode discussing ways to improve and manage your score. This is a great, quick listen to help anyone that is having trouble with their credit score or would like to improve it to make that home purchase!

Local Real Estate Tips

The name of the game is BE PREPARED. Vicki from Aspire Real Estate discusses tips for sellers and buyers in the hot real estate market. There are so many different angles and moving parts in a real estate transaction. Make sure to go to an expert you can trust to help you navigate through.