Preparing to Purchase a Home

November 1, 2022

Brad Lighthall from Bank First joins Brandon to talk about purchasing a home. Brad recommends getting Preapproval as early as possible. This will allow the bank, and the homeowner, time to clean up any issues that may appear on a credit report. Due to interest rates fluctuating, preapproval may have to be restarted at the time of purchase depending on the amount of time it took to get to the final stage of buying a home. Brad recommends communicating with your loan institution as far as if anything comes up or any additional concerns about purchasing a home. He also recommends talking to your lender to find out what programs a potential home buyer may qualify for. Contact Bank First for more information on the steps to owning your own home today!

Brad with Bank First-Preparing to Purchase a Home and the Importance of Preapproval