Year in Review

December 27, 2022

Surprisingly, Bartow Builders did not have any new home builds this year. Brandon explains that his talented and experienced staff allows for more complex projects to be done. With the crazy market and interest rates, Brandon believes those are reasons why his company saw a spike in remodeling this year. With 17 carpenters on staff, office staff to manage and design projects, customers have come to trust Bartow Builders with their homes. Brandon and his staff strive to make remodeling as non-invasive as possible understanding that customers need to continue living during the project. From planning what rooms to remodel first, to how dust will be controlled, Bartow Builders and their team of Trade Partners do everything they can to ensure function and comfort remain as must as possible. In 2023, Bartow Builders looks to build 4 new homes along with numerous remodeling projects of many sizes. Outdoor Living spaces continue to be very popular. Brandon urges customers to get moving on the design and selections, which can be, by far the most time consuming tasks. Bartow Builders coaches their team to communicate and share information at Monday Morning Meetings and Weekly Huddles all which do just that; share information, trouble shoot and commit to making the project run as smooth as possible. Also in 2023, the show will include Lindsey Krause, Operations Manager of Bartow Builders. Lindsey will bring her expertise in and offer a different point of view to the show!