Need to Knows About Septic Systems & Building

December 20, 2022

Kevin Madson, from Madson Tiling & Excavating joins Brandon on Welcome Home this week to talk about ways to make your build or addition go more smoothly and cost effective when dealing with your septic system. First and foremost, it’s important to contract with a knowledgeable and experienced excavator like Madson Tiling & Excavating. Pulling permits, soil testing, knowing the size of the system that will need to be put in place are just a few reasons why you want to get it right from day 1. Pulling the Sanitary Permit immediately is a top priority as this permit is needed to get your job going. Another reason you want an expert excavator is the fact that they can give advice on the location of your system based on elevation and the contour of the landscape as well as determe what type of system you need. Madson, based on their experience, will also offer suggestions when it comes to moving ground and adding fill as a way to cut down on costs and foreseeable problems like ponding, for your overall project. Kevin’s team takes care of culvert permit and installation and explains the importance of laying a solid foundation for the base of a driveway so that it can withstand the initial build as well as long term durability. Finally, Kevin explains the roles of his team. Sue heads up the design side and estimating of projects along with Steve who takes care of day to day operations. Madson also talks about the addition of his son Derek who is currently involved in using GPS Equipment to help with excavating sites as well as assisting Steve.