Finally a Break in the Cost of Lumber

December 13, 2022

Brandon visits with Paul Braun from Braun Building Center on Welcome Home. Paul gives a building material update since the dramatic increase back in 2020. Paul explains that lumber basics such as studs, have not increased in cost and the demand for lumber has subsided. He believes that rising interest rates have slowed the demand, but that we have not seen a dramatic drop off in sales. Cost and delivery times are almost back to normal of pre-pandemic times. Brandon and Paul also discuss their appreciation of the River North Apartment complex with partnering with Park Regency and Alex and Peter Allie. Braun Building Center had the opportunity to be a broker in the deal of Paneled Walls, provided OSB sheeting, Andersen Windows, Loose Lumber and Decking. They both believe it is a great addition to Downtown Manitowoc. Finally, the show ends with advice on getting your building or remodeling project off the ground starting with an honest and hard look at what your budget really is. There are 22 categories to look at when building. Within each of those categories, one can be on the low, mid or high end of selections. You may want to build a home for $150 a square foot, but may have good taste that brings you closer to $300 a square foot. Both Brandon and Paul emphasize that it’s not just plugging general numbers into the equation, but that coming to the table with a solid (and honest) idea of what you want and how much you can afford to spend, will help your project move in the right direction.