Carpets Plus of Manitowoc Changing Ownership

Tuesday, January 25, 2023

Change is inevitable and Carpets Plus of Manitowoc is not immune to that motto. Bob Dedering of Carpets Plus of Manitowoc recently sold his company to Brandon Bartow, president of Bartow Builders in Manitowoc. Today on “Welcome Home” Brandon talks with his son Keegan Bartow who is currently training under Bob in the managerial role that Bob anticipates to step out of by May of 2023 to enjoy retirement. On the show, Keegan talks about his Business degree from St. John’s University in Minnesota and how he has begun to implement changes on the technology side of the flooring business. Investing in Website Design to be able to bring a visualizer component to the business is one of the keys that Keegan feels he can make an impact almost immediately. Along with a website, The Bartow’s have invested in a laser room measuring tool that syncs to an I-Pad to allow streamlining for creating estimates as well as saving vital information for customers about room dimensions and selections. The intent is to grow beyond one person and for anyone to be able to access customer information from the click of a button. Keegan and Bob discuss the current displays and products offered in their show room that is located at 3315 Calumet Avenue in Manitowoc. They are more than just a carpet store offering a large selection of hard surface flooring such as Luxury Vinyl Plank, Luxury Vinyl Treads, Stairs and Luxury Vinyl Tile along with rubber flooring. What’s not going to change is what Bob has worked so hard to build; The Bartow Family will continue to preserve competitive pricing, offer an array of selections, commit to quality products and service and just take care of the customer period.