Month: October 2019

Put the Cabinetry Puzzle Together

There are many details that go into a custom cabinetry plan. From the start, detailed measurements needs to be taken. Plumbing, electrical, and HVAC details need to be known so the cabinets are built around them. Prestige Custom Cabinetry is this show’s sponsor. Listen in and learn the different aspects of a custom cabinetry plan.

Importance of Excavation

Excavation is a key component of your new home build and you want only the experts involved. Kevin from Madson Tiling and Excavating is on discussing the differences between city and rural excavation and the importance of proper elevations and water drainage.

Appliances with Customer Service

Knowing how you will best use your appliance, your lifestyle, and the habits of you and your family all play a factor in the best appliances for you! Jason from Bitter Neuman discusses how they help their customers find the appliances to suit their customers and the opportunity to get them at a discount.